"Я не собираюсь менять мир, я просто хочу перевязать вам раны..." Ян Андерсон

Live at AVO Session Basel - 2008

Live at AVO Session Basel 2008

01. My Sunday Feeling (Ian Anderson)
02. Living In The Past (Ian Anderson)
03. Serenade To A Cuckoo (Roland Kirk)
04. So Much Trouble (Brownie McGhee)
05. Nursie (Ian Anderson)
06. Rocks On The Road (Ian Anderson)
07. A New Day Yesterday (Ian Anderson)
08. Too Old To Rock & Roll, Too Young To Die (Ian Anderson)
09. Bouree (J.S. Bach, Ian Anderson)
10. Nothing Is Easy (Ian Anderson)
11. Dharma For One (Ian Anderson)
12. Heavy Horses (Ian Anderson)
13. Thick As A Brick (excerpt) (Ian Anderson)
14. Aqualung (Ian Anderson, Jennie Anderson) (Ian Anderson)
15. Locomotive Breath (Ian Anderson)

Live at AVO Session Basel

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Ian Anderson: flute, acoustic guitar, harmonica, vocals

Martin Barre: guitar

Doane Perry: drums and percussion

John O'Hara: keyboards, accordion

David Goodier: bass

A unique phenomenon in popular music history, Jethro Tull have been and still are one of the most successful live performing acts on the world stage, rivaling Led Zeppelin, Elton John and even the Rolling Stones. After forty years at the bottom, at the top and various points in between, with now some 30-odd albums to their credit and sales totaling more than 50 million, Jethro Tull are still performing typically more than a hundred concerts each year. This concert recorded in 2008 is one of their best.

День рождения (1946 г., Лутон, Великобритания) Клайва Банкера (Clive Bunker), барабанщика (1967—1970) Jethro Tull

11 февраля 1977 года был выпущен десятый студийный альбом Jethro Tull - Songs from the Wood


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Нас ждёт «Jethro Tull: The Rock Opera»!!!
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